July 6, 2021

Mormon Missionary Speechless (Walks Away)

Jeff Durbin confronted a Mormon missionary outside of the Mormon temple in Mesa, Arizona, during the most recent ‘Christmas Lights Celebration’. Pastor Jeff asks the missionary if he believes that he will become a god one day. The missionary said, “Yes”. What follows is important for everyone to see.

Jeff: No, you believe you’re gonna become a God one day?

Male Speaker 1: Yeah.

Jeff: Why?

Male Speaker 1: Is in the scriptures and the prophets have told us.

Jeff: Where?

Male Speaker 1: It’s all throughout scripture.

Jeff: Where?

Male Speaker 1: she really wants to know. I guess you could search the Scriptures themselves.

Jeff: You know the Bible actually says Isaiah 43:10 before me there was no god formed neither shall there be after me I’m the first and I’m the last besides me there is no God. Joseph thought that there [0:30] were gods before God, and you could become one one day?

Male Speaker 1: yeah

Jeff: The scriptures condemn that, and you’re on your mission telling people about a God and a gospel that’s contrary to the scriptures!

Male Speaker 1: Then again, the Bible has been translated multiple times and through that, many things have become lost which I guess is one reason why.

Jeff: So you disagree with Jesus when he says that heaven and earth will pass away, but its words would by no means pass away?

Male Speaker 1: I guess it’s kind of like this like we are, we’re [1:00] like spirits of our heavenly Father or God right and like, why would He create something that, why would He be something that we can’t become. He is our Heavenly Father because…

Jeff: We’re talking about the God issue. Okay! So Jesus did say they God has preserved His word but, but the Bible does teach there’s a distinction between God as creator and us as creatures. We’re not…

Male Speaker 1: We have a carnal mind.

Jeff: All right, yeah, Isaiah 43:10.

You are my witnesses,” says the Lord, “my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may consider and believe in me, and understand that I am he. No god was formed before me, and none will outlive me.

Male Speaker 1: Yeah

Jeff: You should take a look at that [1:30] tonight, elder, know that you should repent on this mission and gospel and the god you are telling people about; you are going to be…

Male Speaker 1: What I teach is correct.

Jeff: You’re going to be held accountable for one day, elder. 

Male Speaker 1: I won’t be held accountable for what is correct.

Jeff: You’ll notice that you had no response to the scriptures. [1:50]

[End of Video]

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