January 1, 2024

354. Feminism is Poison to Big Education

If you haven’t heard of DEI or SEL, we sure have some filling-you-in to do! If you have heard of them, it’s time for you to learn more: your neighbor and their children are being catechized into them very intentionally, and it is NOT for their good. This week join us as we analyze just how poisonous feminism currently is to Education in the West.

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17:35 Joy tells us how Rousseau deserves all of the disdain.

28:08 Why education cannot be neutral.

31:00 What is SEL?

41:00 What is UNESCO?

52:42 The rot goes so deep and Summer explains something that is real, but sounds fake.

1:00:30 Knowledge is not neutral. Where you get it matters.

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