January 31, 2023

#207 – Revisting The Church of Christ

Join us for this long awaited follow up on the Church of Christ we did last year in Frankfurt, Tennessee with Pastor Trey Fischer. In this Podcast, we talk with pastor Trey again & Jeremiah Nortier aka “The Apologetic Dog” & examine some of the pushback & objections we got from the initial episode and examine thing like “Sinless Perfectionism, Baptismal Regeneration, & a whole lot more.  

Whether you are a former or active Church of Christ Member, we invite you to listen in and be part of this important follow up  conversation.

You can check out the following links below that expound upon our conversation.

Website for “From the Churches of Christ to the Boston Movement: A Comparative Study” http://reveal.org/library/history/paden.html#Contents

The Parish Reformed Podcasthttps://www.youtube.com/@theparishreformedThe Apologetic Doghttps://www.youtube.com/@TheApologeticDog

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