August 16, 2022

#184 – John Alexander Dowie: A 19th Century Faith Healer’s Descent into Madness, Pt.1

Join us as popular guest & historian John Collins returns to talk about John Alexander Dowie. (1847-1907) A controversial “faith healer” who migrated to the United States from Australia in the late 1800s.

Dowie was referred to by critics of his time as a “confidence man”, a person who appealed to the confidence of victims using deception to convince or persuade them out of money or into submission.

In part 1, we look into how Dowie initially tried to create his own cult of personality in parts of Australia and California before entering the Windy City of Chicago and becoming the unstoppable force convincing thousands of converts to migrate into Chicago and eventually to his communal in Zion City, Illinois.

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