63. Weirdoism in the Church

348. Unbothered Service

334. Faithful Desires

231. Shincheonji: Inflitrating the New Heaven New Earth Cult, Pt. 2

230. Shincheonji: Infiltrating the New Heaven New Earth Cult, Pt. 1

#170 – C Street & The Cult of Right Wing Politics

#266 – The Interview

#31 – Creating Christian Media for the Glory of God W/Marcus Pittman

#137 – William Branham & The Latter Rain. Pt. 5

Finding Hope Beyond Mormonism: A Conversation W/Micah Wilder

#205 – Advice from Hell

#185 – Covid, Sanctification, Growing Out of Conceit, Oh My!

#183 – Self-control

There’s a Crystal for That

Part 1: An Inside Look At The Life of A Mormon Missionary

Confessions of the Food Catholic

#2002 – Exposing VICELAND and Joe Boot!

Stolen Paintings & The World’s Best Bounty Hunter

In-Studio Conversation w/ VICE’s Jamali Maddix

BYU Chapel: Joseph Smith Is The Way To God?

Apologia TV #44 – Les Riley and The Morning Center

SPECIAL EVENT: Interview With Hypocrisy – National Right to Life

APOLOGIA EXCLUSIVE: Gay Persecution of Christians?

AR #152 – Pulpit Crime, News, – Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Kingdom – Law of The Messiah – 9/13/2014

SB 1062: Was it just about hate? – 3/1/2014

Creation, Coffee, and Guns – 9/21/2013

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