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454. Baptist Hypocrisy & Lies

453. Bloody Ohio and Cowardly Pastors and Politicians

452. What If They Come For Your Kids?

451. Navy SEAL’s Beat Biden!

450, Hamas, Israel, & the Great Tribulation: Are They Connected?

449. Defending Calvinism: Total Depravity

448. Celebrating 40 Years of Alpha & Omega W/James White

447. A Warrior Mindset W/Former DEVGRU Operator Bill Rapier

444. Fired For Telling The Truth?

442. Police Arrest Teen For Reading the Bible

441. Haunted Cosmos, Aliens, Demons, UFO’s, and Congress

440. UFO’s & Cult History Of Mormon, David Alexander

339. Woke Economics with Nate Fischer

438. The Toxic War On Masculinity W/Nancy Pearcey

437. Is God The Only True God? Responding to Mormonism

436. Refuting Ex-Pastor Turned Mormon, David Alexander

434. A Pastoral Defense of Theonomy: A Response to Theocast, Pt 2

433. A Reformed Defense of Theonomy: A Response to Theocast

432. Kirk Cameron On Fighting For The Faith

#431 – Let’s Be Honest About “Christian Nationalism”

#430 – Answering ASU Students, Union With Christ & Chat GPT

#429 – Christian Nationalism? What In The Great Commission Is It?

#428 – Honest Media W/Zach Lautenschlager & Dennis Sarfate

#427 – Mormon Sleight Of Hand And Abuse

#426- Refuting A Mormon’s Refutation Of Jeff Durbin

#425 – Debating Atheists & Agnostics

#424 – The Honest Brandan Robertson

#423 – Refuting Brandan Robertson’s Progressive Christianity

#387 – Should Governments Obey Jesus?


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