New Saint Andrews

#422 – Responding to LGBT Brandan Robertson’s Comments

#420 – Gay Interpretations of Scripture & UFO’s

#418 – Your Daily Dose Of Gay Theology

#416 – So, You Want To Go Into Ministry?

#415 – Seal Team Six/Devgru Operator, Eddie Penney, Unafraid For Christ

#413 – A Story of a Verifiable Miracle

#412 – Is God’s Law Unjust, Unfair, and Past?

#402 – Abortion Porn & Godly Wisdom on the Internet

#401 – The Bible and Economics with David Bahnsen

#400 – The State of Higher Education with Dr. Ben Merkle

#399 – Biblical Masculinity with Rusty Thomas

#325 – Future Commish? And More On Moscow ManParts

#323 – Bathrooms, Man-parts, & Lady-bits

#3015 – The Virus’ Impact on Education W/Dr. Ben Merkle

Next Week #009 – Ben Merkle

Apologia TV #53 – Dr. Ben Merkle

Special Podcast: Should Christians Do Martial Arts?

AR #173 – Is Dr. Craig Dumbing Down Christianity?

Jeff Durbin and Dr. Ben Merkle on Christian Education

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