10 Resources that will help you witness to your Mormon neighbors

Why Should We Be Witnessing To Our Mormon Neighbors?

Before You Move onto the other videos...

Evangelizing lost neighbors is about love. Specifically, loving your neighbor so much to tell them the truth. We must first overcome the false notion that just because you have to tell the truth to someone disqualifies you from having a loving friendship with them.

So What Do Mormons Believe?

You will understand what Mormons believe in the following videos. If this conversational format is not how you typically like to learn and want a systematic classroom setting, we encourage you to get an All Access Pass.

On The Street

Street evangelism can sometimes be different from sitting down in open dialogue with a close friend. In these examples, you can see that you can be winsome with your arguments but still loving in your actions.

The conversation centers around the grace of God and salvation. Mormons teach that people are saved through a combination of grace and works, which is an antithetical message to the Gospel found in Scripture (Romans 1-5).

Mormonism uses Christian language but is it just another Christian sect? Or does Mormonism teach things that put it outside of the Christian faith? Watch this loving interaction and watch to the end to break down the conversation.

Mormons and Christians can and should break down the walls between their communities to talk about the Word of God. Truth matters. Mormons and Christians can have gracious and loving arguments about the truth.

The conversation goes from the Bible vs. the Book of Mormon to how we got the Bible to Christian history.

How to spend time talking about the differences between Latter-day Saint doctrine and Biblical or Orthodox Christianity.

Now Apply What You’ve Learned.

Apologia Studio’s primary mission is to go into all the world preaching the good news of the Gospel and teaching others to do the same. The world is rapidly becoming more and more digital, and the cultural conversation is happening on social media platforms. So what better way to start evangelizing than to share this video “tract” with a friend and have a much-needed conversation with your Mormon friends or family member.

Here is the impact you can have on the world.

All it takes is a conversation, a tract, or even a video.


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