Science and Mathematics

#194 – Dahmer: A Cultish True Crime Story Pt. 1

#177 – Does The Bible Teach That the Earth Is Flat? Pt. 2

#176 – Does the Bible Teach The Earth Is Flat? Pt. 1

Seeking Ascension /Finding Jesus: A Journey Out Of The New Age

Creation: Earth in the Cosmos with Dr. Jason Lisle

Alfie Evans: Devoured By The Beast

#238 – Bill Nye talks about Sex baby.


Apologia TV #59 – Dr. Jonathan D Sarfati

Dear Creationist, Don’t Be Embarrassed with Dr. Jason Lisle.

AR #202 – Satanism and Global Warming

Silly Atheist. Science is for Christians! – 7/12/2014

Refuting Evolution and “The Science Guy” – 2/15/2014

Reviewing the Nye/Ham Debate – 2/8/2014

Evolution – Bad History vs. Jesus – Victory – 2/9/2013

Militant anti-Theism – hijacking science: Dawkins – Krauss on Redemption Radio

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