Aftershow 462 – Limited Atonement

462. Is Calvinism True? Limited Atonement

458. Defending Calvinism: Unconditional Election

The Riches of Redemption

The Sovereignty of God in Salvation

The Comprehensive Sovereignty of God 

446. Is Calvinism True?

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Roman Catholicism’s False Gospel

The Great Exchange: My Sin For His Righteousness

Justification By Faith & Peace with God, Pt. 2

Justification By Faith & Peace with God

#215 – How to Disentangle From Fundamentalism

The Glorious 97th Psalm

#394 – Exposing the Heresy of the ERLC at the SBC Annual Meeting

The King Is On His Throne

Jesus, Judas, & the Sovereignty of God, Pt. 2

Jesus, Judas, & the Sovereignty of God, Pt. 1

Once I Was Blind, But Now I See

Why We Believe – Justification By Faith Alone

Hebrews and Limited Atonement

The Doctrines of Grace: Unconditional Election

Aftermath: Manson – Part 3

The Doctrines of Grace: The Sovereignty of God

The Doctrines of Grace: God is Sovereign

Peace Through the Blood of His Cross

Raised Because of Our Justification

Working Out What’s Worked Within

#294 – Tooth and Nail Records and the Providence of God Part II

#289 – Tooth and Nail Records and The Providence of God

God, Greed, & the Prosperity Gospel: An Interview with Costi Hinn

#86 – Predestination and The Early Church Fathers

Living Under the Law of God with Guest Jeff Durbin

#272 -The Sovereignty of God and the States

The God Joseph Knew: Why Compatibilism is Biblical

#252 Steven Furtick, Theological Pest Control

Trusting the God Who is Sovereign Over Everything



#227 – Engaging With Dangerous Heretics: Marcus Rogers

Jesse Lee Peterson vs. Jeff Durbin (Kind of)

Apologia Radio #179 – Mr. Rogers, Heresy, – Dr. Dalcour

Apologia Radio #178 – On Heresy, Mutilation, – Mr. Rogers

Doug Wilson on Slavery, Sex, the Civil War, – the Glory of God

Unpacking The Debate Over God’s Law: Part 1 – 3/7/2015

Puritans, Law, Justification, and Beards – 2/7/2015

Justification By Faith: Truth To Die For – 11/29/2014

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