#324 – The Deceitfulness of Pet Sins W/Zach Conover, Pt.1

Righteousness Delivers Us

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Is Jesus The Messiah?

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Morality and God’s Existence

But Now Christ Has Been Raised

#52 – Exposing False Teachers: Kenneth Copeland

#215 – How to Disentangle From Fundamentalism

The Glory of the Three Persons

The Glorious 97th Psalm

The Angels in Sodom

Advent & The Trinity

#413 – A Story of a Verifiable Miracle

#47 – From Atheist to Bible Re-Binder W/Jon Holladay

#200 – Is Seventh Day Adventism a Cult? Pt. 1

Why Do We Believe

The Whore & Death

#46 – Faithful Servant – Interview with Sherry Pierce

#407 – How Should We Defend The Faith & Answering Live Questions

The Olive Tree And Baptism

#406 – Defending The Faith & Refuting James’ White’s Daughter

Baptism – The Children Are Holy

#42 – A Gentle Giant of the Faith W/Ray Comfort

Faithful Till Death: Lessons From Smyrna

#394 – Exposing the Heresy of the ERLC at the SBC Annual Meeting

#39 – How to Be a Faithful Witness During “Pride Month”

#9 – Ask Me Anything W/Jeff Durbin

Baptism – The New Covenant, Pt. 2

Baptism – The New Covenant, Pt. 1

In The Wake of His Resurrection & Ascension

The King Is On His Throne

#386 – Defending the Faith & Tales From the Street

Truly, The Son of God

Baptism More From Church History

Baptism in the Early Church

Baptism – Final New Testament References

The Veil Was Torn

The Lord Our Rock

The Three Robes of Christ

Baptism in Corinthians

#249 – Are You Alone?

#246 – How to Judge a Book by Its Cover

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