346. But What is Evil?

The Sovereignty of God in Salvation

450, Hamas, Israel, & the Great Tribulation: Are They Connected?

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Is Protestantism Heresy? – 5 Common Claims

Aftershow 449 – Total Depravity

449. Defending Calvinism: Total Depravity

Apostasy: Its Nature, Kinds & Causes

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Atheist Debate Breakdown

The Comprehensive Sovereignty of God 

The Need For National Righteousness

The Water Cooler – One

446. Is Calvinism True?

The Water Cooler – Pilot

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Roman Catholicism’s False Gospel

Aftershow 443 – Responding to Roman Catholic Apologist Trent Horn

433. Roman Catholicism, Losing Salvation, and Church History W/James White

The Great Exchange: My Sin For His Righteousness

The Genesis of The Gospel

Justification By Faith & Peace with God, Pt. 2

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Deconstructing Christianity

Justification By Faith & Peace with God

Aftershow 435 – Response to Theocast, Pt. 3 

435. A Reformed Defense of Cultural Transformation: A Response to Theocast, Pt. 3

55. Exposing False Teachers: Mike Todd

325. The Deceitfulness of Pet Sins W/Zach Conover, Pt. 2

Christians Will Win Down Here

#324 – The Deceitfulness of Pet Sins W/Zach Conover, Pt.1

Righteousness Delivers Us

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Is Jesus The Messiah?

Collision w/ Jeff Durbin: Morality and God’s Existence

Death, Resurrection & Glory

But Now Christ Has Been Raised

#52 – Exposing False Teachers: Kenneth Copeland

#215 – How to Disentangle From Fundamentalism

The Glory of the Three Persons

The Glorious 97th Psalm

The Angels in Sodom

Advent & The Trinity

#413 – A Story of a Verifiable Miracle

#47 – From Atheist to Bible Re-Binder W/Jon Holladay

#200 – Is Seventh Day Adventism a Cult? Pt. 1

Why Do We Believe

The Whore & Death

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