#400 – The State of Higher Education with Dr. Ben Merkle

#284 – The Great Glitter Mystery

#212 – The Duties of Women & Education

#3015 – The Virus’ Impact on Education W/Dr. Ben Merkle

#84 – Ben Merkle

#2006 – Brian Hull and Education!

Worldview, Education, and Thee with Rebekah Merkle

Apologia TV #53 – Dr. Ben Merkle

Jeff Durbin and Dr. Ben Merkle on Christian Education

Apologia Aftershow #11 – Heavy Metal Homeschooling with Leah McHenry

Apologia TV #11 – Leah McHenry On Being A Heavy Metal Homeschool Mom.

History For Dummies and Gangs of Chihuahuas – 2/22/2014

Public-schools – Indoctrination – 4/20/2013

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