#372 – Apologia Stuff With John Cooper

#343 – Boldness in the Christian Music Industry W/John Cooper!

#294 – Tooth and Nail Records and the Providence of God Part II

#289 – Tooth and Nail Records and The Providence of God

#287 – American Holocaust with Dusty Marshall

#247 – Don’t Just Listen

The Episode With A Super Famous Recording Artist

Apologia TV #28 – Foreknown

Apologia Aftershow #11 – Heavy Metal Homeschooling with Leah McHenry

Apologia TV #11 – Leah McHenry On Being A Heavy Metal Homeschool Mom.

Chart-topping Reformed Rappers – Calvinism – 8/4/2014

Beats, Bullets, and Scientology – 7/19/2014

Jesus Myth (?), Hip-Harping, and IV Conerly – 12/14/2013

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