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I know this is more than 2 years later, but i literally watched this LAST NIGHT and had a Mormon reach out to me that very same night asking me about and quoting these very passages to me. God is good, and i feel so incredibly blessed to have been more prepared than i would have been without this. i pray so hard i represent Christ properly. may He work all of this together for good even in my potential folly.


Through this ministry, and the work of the Holy Spirit I’ve built the confidence to have these exact conversations with mormons all around the country. Thank you so much for planting this seed not only in them but in me.


Greetings. I am wanting to send a thank you message to Pastor Jeff as he has showed me the true way to God through his videos and sermons. It has saved my life. I am a former mormon and alcoholic. Since finding my way back to the true God I am free of my addiction, studying apologetics and attending a baptist church in Canada. I tried to send Jeff a message on his fb page but am unsure if he recieved it. I wanted him to know what he has done for me


We are just a group of faithful Christians who have been engaging the culture and teaching for over a decade.


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